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From VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023 – Upgrade

ID 333EN

Proof of Qualification:

VDA QMC e-Certificate of qualification

Duration time:

4 hours

Auditor procesu VDA 6.3 – warsztaty dla certyfikowanych auditorów procesu (ID 341) - szkolenie wzorcowe 2021

Training Description

This upgrade training covers the alterations to VDA 6.3 (2016 edition) including updates to the questionnaire, changes to the evaluation, changes to the potential analysis and other adjustments.


  • Revision of the questionnaire.
  • Consideration of software aspects in the questionnaire – Interface between hardware and software for products with integrated (embedded) software.
  • Requirements for purchasing activities in P3 and P4.
  • Notes on conducting remote audits.
  • Reassignment of “*-questions”.
  • Changes in the potential analysis.
  • Content harmonization with Automotive SPICE and maturity level assurance for new parts (VDA MLA).

Target Audience

VDA 6.3 (2016) Process Auditors


  • VDA Volume 6.3:2023

Prerequisites for Attendance

  • Qualification as process auditor VDA 6.3 (2016)


At the end of the training there is a written test, as a verification of the acquired knowledge.

Proof of Qualification

After passing the knowledge test, the participants will receive a VDA QMC e-Certificate of qualification.

Educational Results

  • Knowledge of the changed requirements and rules of VDA 6.3.
  • Ability to apply the adjusted contents of the questionnaire.
  • Knowledge of calculation of the audit result according with the new requirements.

Price includes

Training provided in English language, training materials, VDA QMC certificate, lunch and coffee breaks, comfortable training room with multimedia equipment.

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