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VDA 19.1 Technical Cleanliness in the Automotive Industry. Qualification for “VDA 19.1 Skilled Assistant” (ID 973)

23 marca 09:00 - 24 marca 16:00

1.100EUR netto

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Training Description

Technical Cleanliness of components and assembly groups is an important functional quality characteristic in the manufacture of modern vehicles.

Volume 19.1, “Inspection of Technical Cleanliness – Particulate Contamination of Functionally Relevant Automotive Components”, as the first comprehensive standard treatise, deals with the procedures for characterizing the state of cleanliness of products in the automotive quality chain. The red volume VDA 19.1 (formerly known as VDA 19) was first officially introduced by VDA in January 2005, and is available in a completely revised and extended edition since 2015.

This 2-day training “VDA 19.1 Skilled Assistant” enables the participant to design and document cleanliness analyses according to VDA 19.1 and delivers insight into laboratory practice and the equipment and methods implemented there. Furthermore, the background to the technical necessity of cleanliness inspections and cleanly behavior is explained.

Target Audience

The training aims to qualify automotive, supplier or service personnel who conduct cleanliness inspections. The imparted knowledge and insight into laboratory practice also constitute valuable tools for anyone confronted with the quality factor technical cleanliness in their daily work, such as construction, quality assurance, technical purchasing and sales personnel. Due to the similar cleanliness requirements in the sectors aerospace, hydraulics and precision engineering, this training is also suitable for personnel from these backgrounds.



  • Background on Technical Cleanliness in the automotive construction.
  • Extraction procedures for detaching particles from components.
  • Analytical procedures for the evaluation of particle contamination.
  • Qualification of the cleanliness inspection via abatement measurements and blank value inspections.
  • Documentation, cleanliness specification and examples of inspections.


After each theory lecture, an appropriate case study is presented to enable participants to practice and reinforce the knowledge gained. Video clips are also shown to explain the relevant laboratory tasks:

  • Selection of extraction methods according to the component concerned, followed by execution of the extraction procedure with start parameters.
  • Selection of filtration und analysis methods as well as the procedure for a standard analysis.
  • Evaluation and documentation of cleanliness analyses.


  • VDA 19.1


At the end of the training there is a written test, as a verification of the acquired knowledge.

Proof of Qualification

After passing the test, the participants will receive a VDA QMC certificate of qualification.

Educational Results

  • Strengthening the knowledge of the standards of Technical Cleanliness in the Automotive Industry.
  • Acquiring knowledge as well as practical application examples concerning the cleanliness inspection.
  • Understanding the issues of evaluation procedure of particulate contamination (both qualitative and quantitative).
  • Possibility of exchanging experiences and consulting problematic issues with an expert.

Related Trainings

  • ID 974 – VDA 19.2 – Qualification for Skilled Assistant Technical Cleanliness in the Automotive Industry

Price includes

Training materials, VDA QMC certificate, lunch and coffee breaks, comfortable training room with multimedia equipment.


23 marca 09:00
24 marca 16:00
1.100EUR netto
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