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VDA 6.3 – Qualification for Process Auditor (ID 315) – online training

25 lipca 09:00 - 28 lipca 16:00

1.430EUR netto

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Signing up for VDA 6.3 – Qualification for Process Auditor (ID 315) does not equal signing up for the examination.
Click on the link below if you want to sign up for VDA 6.3 – Examination for Certified Process Auditor (ID 353).



The VDA 6.3 process audit is an effective procedure for assessing processes in connection with planning and manufacturing of a product. These audits are usually conducted within the organization or with suppliers prior to series release, but also form a valuable contribution for process optimisation with already existing manufacturing lines. Furthermore, potential analysis – as part of VDA 6.3 – also constitutes a tried and tested method to select new suppliers.

In order to conduct VDA 6.3 process audits, comprehensive knowledge, experience and competence is necessary. Thus, the qualification of relevant personnel is indispensable. In our VDA 6.3 trainings the participants acquire the necessary background knowledge and understanding for process audit procedures.

Target Audience

This four-day training addresses QM personnel tasked with conducting process audits in their own organisations (internally) or in the supply chain (externally), as well as external auditors (deployment as service providers).


  • Correlation with other requirements.
  • Overview of the three different types of audits and explanation of the differences.
  • Overview of the contents of the VDA 6.3 chapters.
  • Introduction to the process approach for risk analysis according to the turtle model.
  • Audit process from the audit programme to the completion of the audit.
  • Planning and conducting a process audit.
  • Assessment scheme of a process audit.
  • Code of conduct for process auditors.
  • Content of the process elements 1 to 7.
  • Attribution and assessment of audit findings.
  • Audit report, documentation and conclusion.
  • Introduction to the current SI‘s  and  FAQ’s.


  • VDA Volume 6.3

Prerequisites for Attendance

  • Knowledge of the common quality tools and methods.
  • Knowledge of the applicable management system requirements.
  • Knowledge of applicable customer-specific requirements.
  • Knowledge of product and process-specific knowledge in the intended field of application.
  • Relevant professional experience according to VDA Volume 6.3 (depending on the scope of activity).
  • Auditor qualification based on DIN EN ISO 19011 (depending on their scope of activity).


At the end of the training there is a written test, as a verification of the acquired knowledge.

Proof of Qualification

After passing the test, the participants will receive a VDA QMC certificate of qualification. In order to obtain auditor card and certificate, it is necessary to pass the written and oral part of VDA 6.3 – Examination for Certified Process Auditor (ID 353).

Educational Results

  • Knowledge of the content of the respective chapters of VDA 6.3 volume.
  • Knowledge of the functioning of audit mechanisms according to VDA 6.3.
  • Understanding of the rules of preparing and carrying out an audit as well as preparing the audit conclusions.
  • Acquaintance with tools supporting the assessment and reporting of audits.

Related Trainings

  • ID 353 VDA 6.3 – Examination for Certified Process Auditor
  • ID 316 VDA 6.3 – Process Auditor for Services
  • ID 318 VDA 6.5 – Qualification for Product Auditor

Price includes

Training provided in English language, training materials, VDA QMC certificate.


25 lipca 09:00
28 lipca 16:00
1.430EUR netto
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