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Regulations for using the Voucher for the services of SQD Alliance Sp. z o. o.

  1. Definitions.
    The terms used in the content of these Regulations have the meaning given below, unless the content of the Regulations clearly implies a different meaning:
    • Issuer – SQD Alliance Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Pszczyna, 43-200 Pszczyna, Batorego Street 19.
    • Voucher – a document entitling the Purchaser to its implementation. Each Voucher is a unique document with a gross nominal value and a specific expiry date.
    • Purchaser – a natural person or company that receives a Voucher from the Issuer.
    • Regulations – these Regulations, available on the website of SQD Alliance Sp. z o. o.
    • Website of SQD Alliance Sp. z o. o. (hereinafter: Website) – website
  1. Vouchers have monetary values.
  2. Vouchers have a specific expiry date.
  3. Vouchers are valid for all services provided by the Issuer, subject to the specified VAT rate.
  4. Vouchers are generated individually, assigned to the Purchaser and cannot be traded or transferred to another entity by way of legal acts other than sale.
  5. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for money.
  6. The voucher is non-refundable. It is not possible to correct a VAT invoice issued in connection with the issuance of a Voucher.
  7. In order to receive a Voucher, the application form available on the Website must be completed.
  8. Based on the application form, a proforma invoice is issued.
  9. The Voucher is activated and handed over to the Purchaser after the payment has been credited to the Issuer’s bank account.
  10. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. After the expiry of the validity period, the Buyer loses the right to use the Voucher.
  11. The Voucher may be used within the scope of services offered by the Issuer, subject to the specified VAT rate.
  12. Purchasing a Voucher is not tantamount to booking a service. In order to book a service, please contact the person responsible for the implementation of the service.
  13. Voucher exchange is possible according to the following scenarios:
    • only within the scope of the service that has the same VAT rate.
    • for the implementation of a more expensive service (within the thematic scope specified in the order form or other service offered by the Issuer), after paying an additional fee,
    • for the provision of a service of the same value, without incurring any additional costs,
    • for services of lower value, however, in this case the Issuer does not reimburse the differences in prices.
  14. In a situation where the Issuer’s partners (e.g. VDA QMC) change the prices of services, the Issuer also reserves the right to change the price.
  15. In the event of cancellation or postponement of the service (due to the organizer’s fault) during the Voucher’s validity period, the Issuer proposes to extend the validity of the Voucher – pursuant to individual arrangements between the Issuer and the Purchaser.
  16. The user of the voucher has the option to change the date of the service:
    • no later than 7 working days before the training date in the case of open training,
    • no later than 10 working days before the training date in the case of company-dedicated training,
    • no later than 30 calendar days before the service date in the case of other services.
  17. In the event of failure to meet the above deadlines by the Issuer, i.e. changing the date of the service beyond the above-mentioned deadlines, the value of a given service will be automatically deducted from the Voucher and the service will not be performed.
  18. Valuation of the services covered by the voucher takes place individually, with the exception of open trainings, which are priced on the basis of the conditions of the applicable Training Catalogue.
  19. Paying for the Voucher is tantamount to accepting the above Regulations by the Purchaser.
  20. The Publisher reserves the right to change the Regulations for using Vouchers.
  21. These Regulations apply from the date 12.2022.

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