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Voucher for SQD Alliance services

Does your company’s training budget close at the end of the year, but now you can’t send your employees to training? Or maybe you were planning an event or information campaign? Nothing is lost! Order the voucher for our company’s services and use it later. This is an excellent opportunity to use the budgets allocated in a given calendar year with the possibility of redeeming them at a convenient time.

There is one more reason why it is worth buying such a voucher at the end of the year. The Christmas and New Year period is the time when employees of your company receive gifts, it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity and giving the employee a voucher that he/she can use freely.

Why is it worth it?

You buy a voucher now, redeem at any time. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The voucher covers all SQDA services, including the training courses on offer. You can choose any voucher value – the amount you have or based on an offer for a specific service or training. You can decide on the details of the training or other service at a later time, when the conditions for its implementation are most favorable for your company.

To order a voucher, simply fill out the form below. Our consultant will contact you, confirm all arrangements and prepare the necessary documents so that you can receive the voucher. Detailed information on the use of vouchers can be found in the regulations.

If you still have questions or don’t know which voucher would be the best solution for your company, contact us and we will answer all your questions and adjust the voucher to the needs of your company.

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Order a voucher

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If you are ordering a voucher as a private person, the price of the voucher will be increased by the VAT rate = 23%.
If you are ordering a voucher as an EU VAT payer (outside Poland), the purchase will be VAT exempt.

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