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Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR)

ID 503EN

Proof of Qualification:

VDA QMC e-Certificate of qualification

Duration time:

2 days

Auditor procesu VDA 6.3 – warsztaty dla certyfikowanych auditorów procesu (ID 341) - szkolenie wzorcowe 2021

Training Description

Every company in the automotive supply chain is required to ensure the safety and conformity of its products. This means they have to comply with the legal regulations in all relevant countries and satisfy the safety expectations of the general public – which is where Product Safety & Conformity Representatives come in. This training will give you the expertise you need to perform the daily work of a PSCR in a more professional and targeted manner. The program covers the central themes of product integrity and over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and expands your competence in these fields.

The training alternates between lectures and group work. The group tasks encourage the participants to transfer the lessons learned to their own professional practice. Special attention is paid to opportunities for sharing experiences.

Target Audience

This training is aimed at managers and employees in the automotive industry who either already work as product safety representatives or expect to do so.


  • Providing expert knowledge, aimed at future and current Product Safety & Conformity Representatives.
  • Discussion of the representative’s duties in the entire supply chain.
  • Product integrity in the product life cycle.
  • Guidelines for the product conconformities.
  • The examples of tools and methods.


  • VDA Volume “Product Integrity”

Prerequisites for Attendance

  • A technical or business education.
  • Experience in quality management in the automotive industry, particularly in processing complaints and claims for damages.
  • Training and experience in evaluating technical product and process risks (e.g. as an FMEA moderator, VDA 6.3 process auditor, developer).
  • Knowledge of how the products manufactured in the company are used and of the state of the art.
  • Knowledge of the requirements imposed by both the legislation and customer demands.


At the end of the training there is a written test, as a verification of the acquired knowledge.

Proof of Qualification

After passing the knowledge test, the participants will receive a VDA QMC e-Certificate of qualification, accepted by VW Group and BMW Group.

Educational Results

  • You can describe the significance and the tasks of a PSCR, including OTA.
  • You are aware of your responsibility along the entire value chain from a product’s development, through manufacture and application, up to the end of its intended use.
  • You know how product integrity is organized in companies and understand its significance within the product cycle.
  • You know what needs to be done in cases of nonconformity.
  • You apply the appropriate tools and methods competently.
  • You know which vehicles are potentially affected and could receive OTA updates.
  • You are familiar with the reasons for an OTA update not being carried out.
  • You are able to assess the legal relevance of refusing an update.
  • You perform your tasks as a PSCR in a professional and targeted manner.

Price includes

Training provided in English language, training materials, VDA QMC certificate, lunch and coffee breaks, comfortable training room with multimedia equipment.

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